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You don’t get a second shot at great leadership - get it right with our executive search.

Recruitment/ Executive Search:

We believe that each hiring is unique, and so we provide our client with the best fit for the required position. As your partner we ensure that the entire journey from recruitment (CV sourcing, initial interview round at our end, expectation setting, fixing various rounds of interview with your internal team, document collection, salary negotiation, onboarding and initial first 30 days engaging with candidate and Reporting Manager/ HR for smooth transition).

Competency Framework

Fino Executive Search helps you to identify the Core Competencies, Essentials Skills, Behaviours and Attributes that relate to each role and help in creating a standardized approach for effective performance. We ensure your competency framework aligns with the organisations vision and long-term goals.

Complete Solution Along the Competency Chain

Job Design

Ensuring the RIGHT FIRST STEP for the Competency Processes are taken

Creating the Competency Basis

Ensuring the RIGHT FIRST STEP for the Competency Process are taken

Preparing & Rolling out Assessment

Capture, update and ensure appropriate tools & methods for accurate assessment

Curated Content for Critical to success roll out factors


Over 400+ Job Descriptions across industries and functions


Competency knowledge base across domains


Over 100+ Competency Definition documents (across sector, functions, M&B areas


Over 8000+ knowledge intensive tests in various Operations and functional areas


Dozens of case studies for assessment across various


Open Source behavioural instruments for purpose of behavioural profiling in assessment

Organisation Structure

We develop Organisational Structure, Streamline Business Operations and improve operating efficiency. We ensure a defined hierarchy for the company which helps the organisation for lean and effective organisation and faster decision making. This also enables employees and the leaders to meet and exceed performance standards

Outsourcing Training Process

Our training programmes and assessments are designed after understanding the value system, short-term and long-term goals of the company. Training process outsourcing is a service, wherein all activities across the training value chain from Training Need Identification to measuring the return on Training Investment are provided by our service providers.

Complete Solution Along the Competency Chain

Training Management Related

Training Needs Analysis

Facilitate collection, collation and analysis from multiple sources

Training Budgeting

Plan and allocate budget for training

Training Calendaring

Provision for scheduling, and communicating training calendar


Complete analytics about costs, learning, internalization and application

Learner Related


SCORM/Non-SCORM materiallearning: Provision for streaming SCORM and no-SCORM material

Mobile Learning

Enable last mile and partner learning through mobiles

Assessment& Projects

Ensuring knowledge transfer and application

Peer 2 Peer

Enabling peer-to-peer learning process

Technological Platform for Individual Development Plan (IDP)

We help in developing unique algorithms which help in Job Design related, Competency Dictionary & Assessment.

Job Design Related

An intelligent algorithm which helps AUTO create a competency profile based on the Job Description or R&R document

Competency Dictionary & Assessment Related

Our IP which will help mine through the Database of Competency Dictionaries and help create Client Specific One, and also enable create corresponding assessment methods


Masking - a method by which internal employees can assess their teams, without knowing person details. (Objectivity)

A Open source-based platform for conducting Virtual Assessments

Provision for Moderator in the assessment process - to ensure consistency


Career and succession planning process, which enables dynamically identifying suitability through varying combination of competency req.

Policy Development/Writing

We help companies develop and streamline their HR policies. These include Hiring, Disciplinary Conduct, POSH, Recruitment Manual, HR Vision Document, Travel policy, Workplace Violence and other such matters. We continuously engage with clients throughout the process of Policy Development, Implementation and Evaluation.

Performance Management System

We develop relevant organisation Performance Measurement & Management Systems. Establish operational performance indicators for different levels of the organisation. We also provide assistance in implementing IT based PMS which is more transparent and effective to evaluate.

Job Description/KRA-KPI Designing

We help organisations as per their Vision ,Values and Role Framework in designing a Job Description. We help  in creating KRA’s KPI’s in line with the Job Description and the current skills ( Behavioural & Technical skills) required for the job.