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The Banking, Financial & Insurance services industry is increasingly becoming more demanding. It is set to grow exponentially in India due to the rising per capita income, introduction of new products, innovation in technology, expanding distribution, networking and increasing customer awareness of financial markets. This sector requires people who can create value to their firm and clients.  Now we have entered a new decade- the age of Apps, Algorithms, Block Chain, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence and every BFSI industry organization is using a combination of these emerging technologies to offer customer friendly services and improve its competitiveness. Rapid and massive growth, structural & regulatory changes are driving need for people who can think clearly about the opportunities available in the market and the transition to the next growth phase.

We at Fino Executive search exactly understand your requirement to have professionals who are highly efficient and agile to streamline your organization.


The overall economic conditions highly affect the performance of the infrastructure sector in India. This industry attracts huge investments. However, the infrastructure sector is largely unstructured and has a long way to go to adopt the right recruitment policies and procedures needed in a growing organization. The sector requires candidates having experience in land acquisition, construction management, project management etc.


Healthcare has become one of the largest sectors in terms of employment & revenue. The fast-paced expansion in this sector has been fueling the demand for skilled healthcare experts and technicians in the industry. Healthcare organizations pay rigorous attention to quality and so do we.


The automotive industry’s dramatic transformation to self driving  cars and electric vehicles has demanded a sweeping change in the industry’s leadership profile. As technology continues to disrupt executives are expected to have more skills in robotics, data driven system and robotic process automation. We know that the greatest challenge in the automotive industry isn’t the technology but the workforce. Today’s automotive executives must facilitate the process of innovation and partnership while meeting production deadlines and cost targets.

We work across the automobile sector and ensure that you find the right executive for your journey ahead.


There has been an exponential growth in the clean tech sector due to the global demand for power and technology solutions.  Geopolitics, changing customer behavior, environmental policy and investor expectations are a series of complex challenges across the energy market. To ensure long term stability, energy organization must ensure they have a management team equipped to  manage disruptions.

Fino Executive search is a workforce solution expert that provides staffing and many other practical solutions to the entire power generation value chain.


There has been major contribution of oil and gas industry in meeting the economic developments at global levels. With this significant growth the industry has come up with countless jobs in the oil & gas industry. With projects spread across the globe the workforce is required to be conceptualizing, designing, building, mapping and operating the projects.

Fino Executive search focuses on sourcing and providing talent and service that deliver efficiency and innovation in safety focused environments.


This industrial sector in India provides the best employment opportunities to individuals. The petrochemical industry comprises of global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting as well as meeting the marketing demands of petroleum products. As there are numerous tasks and processes involved in the functioning of petrochemical industries. We ensure that we employ the most efficient, reliable and skilled workforce for innumerable task.


The Indian electrical industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in India, driven by the growth in key sectors such as IT, Power, Consumer Electronics and telecom. Many multinational companies have set up their R&D centers in the country due to the availability of highly qualified and skilled engineers. To meet the sector requirements, Fino Executive search has a specialized team of industry experts who focus on the manpower requirements of electrical equipment, electronics manufacturing sector for India.


The engineering sector has witnessed a remarkable growth over the few years driven by increased investment in infrastructure and industrial production. Almost every business establishment needs engineers and technical professionals for a host of needs pertaining to core business or business development. The engineering and manufacturing space are highly technical and require specialized skills sets that can be difficult to find in a professional market. Here Fino Executive search can help you bring value to your organization by finding the right professional with the right skill set.


The mining and metal sector like many others is adopting technology at place. This transformation could lead to better, safer work, higher paying jobs and better quality of life. With India occupying the fourth position for the largest producers of coal and the third largest producer of steel in the world, the future looks promising as large reserves of minerals & metals in the country remain unexplored. The demand for expert talent to drive efficiency in the Mining & Metal sector is growing multifold.


India is the fourth largest producer of agrochemicals in the world and this sector has huge potential for growth with the help of research, innovation and digitization drive.  The availability of numerous tools, technologies and processes has created ample opportunities in this sector. It is here that the agricultural sector is in dire need of most efficient individuals. Our agricultural job placement solutions are unique, innovative and exceptional